Business Website Launched for South Norfolk

The City of Chesapeake Economic Development Dept. has launched the website dedicated to promoting South Norfolk and its opportunities for enterprise. "The website provides insight and information to prospective businesses looking to locate in the South Norfolk area," said Steven C. Wright, Director of Chesapeake Economic Development. "It's a digital marketing tool that showcases South Norfolk as a prime area to locate a business."

Bring your business, and come join us in South Norfolk!

Ches Eco Dev logo

 View the official City news release here: pdfSouth Norfolk Website

Watching the weather

weather cam install

The SNJB features a sophisticated weather monitoring system (being installed in the photo) that relays real-time weather conditions on the bridge as well as reports from other local monitored sites. Using this system, SNJB officials can closely monitor the weather conditions on the bridge, including wind speeds, to ensure the safety of travelers. A series of travel restrictions have been established and take effect if the bridge experiences sustained winds of 40 mph or greater. View all SNJB wind restriction guidelines here.

Making it E-Z in North Carolina


NC flag map

E-ZPass drivers have a new reason to enjoy traveling to North Carolina in 2013. Effective January 2nd, the Tarheel state is an official E-ZPass partner agency and accepts E-ZPass on the Triangle Expressway.

While the current NC QuickPass is not valid for travel on the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge, North Carolina residents are now part of a 15-state system that allows consumers to easily manage electronic toll collection for all their travels. Plus, NC drivers using the new E-ZPass system enjoy the lowest travel fees at the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge. Welcome aboard!